A True Celebration of Life

Funerals are not a favorite part of the mission of being a Chaplain, but today I have to

say I attended a true “Celebration of Life.” The minister that gave the eulogy used the verse,

“To Live Is Christ To Die is Gain.” He truly celebrated the wonderful life of our beloved elder and

gave back laughter to the family in their time of grieving. Our elder’s niece read a letter that she

wrote about three weeks ago that thanked her aunt for showing her faith and instilling their

family with life’s core values. Then our elder’s daughter told a story about cleaning out her

mother’s house to prepare her to come to SHC at North Hardin. Her daughter found an old

candy box that she thought was trash…as she started to look through the box she found a

Valentine card from her dad to her mom while he was in the Military stating his love for her and

that he would soon be coming home. Then she saw cards from her baby shower. At this point,

she tossed the box of stuff in the trash and continued to clean. However, a strong feeling came

over her to retrieve the box back out of the trash. As Judy continued to go through the box, she

found her baby bracelet from the hospital, cards that she had sent to her mother, and soon

realized the importance of her getting the box back out of the trash. She found a letter that she

wrote to her mom in 1979…the letter spoke volumes to her mother’s life role, gave thanks to

her for giving her the foundation that she needed to make it in life, and most of all it expressed

the love that a daughter should have for her mother. Love is the stronghold that keeps all

things together. What an amazing celebration of life…

-Vernon Jewell, Chaplain at Signature HealthCARE at North Hardin Rehab and Wellness